Predict Conference 2016

B.U.I.L.D and Predict 2016 invite you to an evening dedicated to productising data science with use cases presented by Katie O'Leary and David Belton from Dublin Airport and Chris Fregly from PipelineIO. 

The evening's agenda: 

Dublin Airport Challenge: Predicting Security Screening Presentation Profiles presented by David Belton from the Advanced Analytics team at Dublin Airport & Katie O'Leary Business Development & Innovation Manager at daa (former Dublin Airport Authorities)

In 2015 over 25M passengers transited through Dublin Airport on their way to 180 destinations aboard 33 airlines and 2016 will mark the 6th year of uninterrupted growth and service expansion.

Between 18-20th of November 2016 Dublin Airport takes part in the Travel Meets Big Data hackathon with a data science challenge - optimising checkpoint delays. 

Shane will introduce the problem and invite members to join the hackathon looking for a real life solution to a problem affecting millions of people passing through Dublin Airport every year.

Chris Fregly, Co-Developer of SMACK Stack, Returns To Dublin! #Workshops #RecommenderSystems #ApacheSpark  #Kafka 

Deploy Recommender Systems to Production with Kafka and SparkML with by Chris Fregly, Research Scientist with PipelineIO

Chris will deliver the latest version of his "generating real-time, streaming recommendations [Kafka + Spark ML]" talk after presenting at the Kafka Summit in San Francisco earlier this year.

With PipelineIO Chris is combining his work experience from both Databricks (the people behind Apache Spark) and Netflix (the popular video streaming service) to deliver real-world, production-ready, 100% open source code for deploying your Spark ML and Kafka into production to serve end-users in similar manner to Netflix and Amazon recommenders.

4 - 5th October

The Data Age is well and truly upon us. Data and Predictive Models are delivering on their promise - for businesses, governments, and citizens.

The Predict Conference's goal is to mobilise an international community to solve important human challenges through the power of data and predictive analytics. The theme of this year's event is the Journey from Data to Predictive Analytics.

We are striving for this vision through our great events, workshops, networking opportunities, sharing lessons openly, journalism and digital media (The Predict Book), fun and social opportunities, and a data science platform for collaboration and innovation.

Meet and Mix
The Predict Conference is an interactive meeting.
It will feature leading international thinkers in the areas of Data, Predictive Models, Technology, and Decision-making.

Progress Update
At the meeting, we will be discussing the latest progress in Predictive Modelling and the future - from Data to Software and Hardware technology, plus Predictive Modelling methods and the best examples of Data-driven Decision-making.

Case-Studies and Workshops
Talks from leading entrepreneurs, data scientists, technologists, investors, and decision-makers (from business and government) will include case-studies and hands-on workshops. This conference has a focus on Data and Predictive Modelling technology like no other.


Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 from 08:00


RDS - Dublin