Let’s be honest, sometimes Networking at events sucks! You go to an event, don’t know anybody and out of the hundred people there, you never get to talk to everyone! But how do you find the right person that could be an important connection or future business partner? event.cards easily shows you everyone who’s at the event, making networking smart!

event.cards makes it easier to find the perfect person at events you attend, since we show you exactly who’s there, who they are, where they work and what they may be looking for! Signing up only takes a few seconds and you can browse all registered attendees right after checking in at the event!

Connecting with other participants takes one click or a swipe, for all you LinkedIn and Tinder users. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. ;) It’s like window shopping for awesome people! Network smarter!

The Team
Ovidiu Mija
Co-Founder, Technical
Silviu Preoteasa
Co-Founder, Business
Maximilian Thiel
Sales Director
Jenny Bjorklof
Marketing Director